Note the following:

  1. ONLY 1 PITCH DOCUMENT CAN BE SUBMITTED. If you submit a video, you can also submit a PDF. Video will be required of all finalists in order to accept the awards- even if another file format was initially submitted.
  2. The file must be on a publicly available web URL, such as your website, Slide share, Vimeo, YouTube, Drop box, Box, etc.
  3. Documents, PDFs and Power points cannot be larger than 15mb or longer than 15 pages or slides.
  4. Videos must be no longer than 3 minutes, and preferably 2 minutes, and must include full text transcription.
  5. If your document or video has a password to be viewed, share it along with the document

Terms and Conditions

  1. "I have read the rules of entry on the SUBMIT page of the website and herein, and I certify that I have understood and am adhering to all rules of submission for the RHIT Awards - 2017.
  2. I verify that the information submitted in this application is true and an accurate portrayal of myself, my role, the company, the project and the client, and that the project described was created by myself or my company's team, and is neither stolen nor faked.
  3. I furthermore verify that I have obtained formal, written authorization to submit this project for the purposes of these awards from both the company and client involved (if applicable).
  4. I understand that, if selected as a finalist or a winner, the project, submission documents and all details will be widely publicized and will not remain confidential.
  5. If my submission is selected as a finalist, I agree to submit further details if necessary in a timely manner. I also agree to provide with the pitch materials for the relevant Awards to host permanently on the RHIT website, and RHIT social media channels. I agree to this document or video being shown on the website under my project description
  6. I agree to create a brief video with full text transcription for project presentation of RHIT Awards, IF a submission video was not initially submitted as part of the entry. This video will be played as a representation of the project at the RHIT Awards event.
  7. If my submission is selected as a winner, I also agree to have at least one representative of the company or the project attend the 8th International Conference on Transforming Revolutionizing Healthcare with IT in Mumbai on 1st & 2nd December, 2017 to receive the Award in person. Travel and accommodation expenses are not compensated. To take part in RHIT - 2017 conference the candidate has to have a valid registration. Otherwise, I agree to forfeit my award to another applicant
  8. I understand that any contact names and emails that were included in this submission will be subscribed to the RHIT Awards member email list. This list is neither shared nor sold and is used solely to communicate updates about the RHIT Awards.
  9. I release the RHIT Awards event and contest, its organizers, sponsors, partners, supporters, advisors, hosts and judges from any liability related to my posting this project for submission. Furthermore, I certify that this submission constitutes the only submission for this project for the 2017 RHIT Awards."