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  • Technology can transform Indian healthcare system

    Technology can transform healthcare system in India by bringing about advances in medicine and improving the quality and affordability of healthcare which will ultimately improve patient outcomes, according to Dr. S. Ramadorai, advisor to the Prime Minister of India and chairman of the National Skill Development Agency. He was delivering the 23rd Convocation of the Sri Ramachandra University in Chennai. Read More
  • Healthcare IT spend in India to rise 3.4 per cent: Gartner

    Health care IT spend in India is expected to rise 3.4 percent to $1.2 billion in 2016, according to research firm Gartner. The forecast includes spending by hospitals, hospital systems, nursing and residential care, and university hospitals on internal services, software, IT services, data center systems, devices and telecom services, the research firm said. Read More
  • "M2M Number Resource Requirement and Options" Rel 2 of M2M Gateway & Architecture WG

    Release 1 of the TEC WG on Gateway and Architecture on M2M had introduced / suggested generalized architecture of M2M communication and various service delivery models. One of the work items identified by the WG for next release was numbering for M2M / IoT devices. As the projections for connected devices indicate that there will be a requirement of over 10 billion numbers to uniquely identify the devices working on mobile and fixed networks.   Read More

    In the Release 1 of the Technical Report on M2M enablement in ITS, it was noted that with a robust IT and telecom infrastructure in place, India stands to gain from the use of ITS to alleviate urban transport issues. Use of such technologies can be vehicular or infrastructural. As the Indian economy progresses and urbanization in India increases, use of ITS and its importance will increase proportionately. The unique ecosystem and diverse challenges creates Read More

    Electric utilities are going to use the power lines for smart grid applications. Both narrowband and broadband power line carrier (PLC) communication technologies are being demonstrated by a number of electric utilities in India. The fact that PLC communication uses the existing infrastructure for communications, that is, power lines, strengthens their case. After studying the current PLC demonstrations in India and taking into account the global scenario, it is recommended to allocate a frequency band Read More
  • "ICT Deployments and strategies for India’s smart cities: A curtain raiser" Rel 1 of Smart City WG

    As cities in India gear up and draw plans for the honourable PM’s 100 Smart Cities program, this report on ICT Guidelines for Smart Cities is an accompaniment to the Smart City Mission Guidelines document released by the Ministry of Urban Development. It attempts to draw attention to and outline a set of guidelines and frameworks for ICT for Smart Cities. It focuses on ICT’s role in Smartness and how to truly achieve Smartness with Read More
  • How potential entrepreneurs can tap India's affordable medical devices market

    Three years ago, Nitesh Kumar Jangir, an electronics engineer, and Nachiket Deval, a product designer from the National Institute of Design, were wondering what their medical technology startup Coeo Labs should make. So as part of a project, they teamed up with a business graduate and three doctors at one of Bengaluru’s best-known tertiary care hospitals. Their objective: to find an unmet need in critical care that they can come up with a solution to. Read More
  • Injection could permanently lower cholesterol by changing DNA

    A one-off injection could one day lower your cholesterol levels for the rest of your life. People born with natural mutations that disable a specific gene have a lower risk of heart disease, with no apparent side effects. Now a single injection has successfully disabled this same gene in animal tests for the first time. This potential treatment would involve permanently altering the DNA inside some of the cells of a person’s body, so doctors Read More
  • New Health Policy Promises ‘Tectonic Shift’ For Public Health Care

    Something wonderful happened in the public health domain that many Indians may not have realised. The Union Cabinet, under the pragmatic leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, took a giant step by adopting a path breaking National Health Policy 2017 (NHP 17). After a hiatus of nearly 15 years, this new policy promises to be a tectonic shift in the way public health care is addressed in India. It is a recognition of the fact Read More
  • Human blood stem cells grown in the lab for the first time

    The stem cells that produce our blood have been created in the lab for the first time. These could one day be used to treat people who have blood diseases and leukaemia with their own cells, rather than bone marrow transplants from a donor. They could also be used to create blood for transfusions. “This is a very big deal,” says Carolina Guibentif at the University of Cambridge, who was not involved in the research. Read More
  • Indian-American Entrepreneur Rishi Shah Latest Self-Made Billionaire In Chicago

    Indian-American Rishi Shah, who quit college 10 years back to pursue entrepreneurial dreams, has become tech's newest billionaire. And his business partner, Shradha Agarwal, is close behind. Their windfall came with a USD 600 million infusion of venture capital into Outcome Health, the Chicago health care tech company they founded in 2006. It's now valued at USD 5.6 billion Read More
  • A 5-point Immediate Action Plan for Healthcare Information Technology

    As always with articles that express physicians’ frustrations with the current batch of IT systems, there’s typically a lot of sympathy and agreement (although I believe that just nodding our heads and saying how bad a situation is, doesn’t really mean that much). In amongst all of the amicable correspondence, were others slightly more confrontational—and one in particular stuck in my mind. It was from someone who said that it was no good doctors just Read More
  • Israel keen on sharing advanced tech in healthcare with India

    Israel has expressed its willingness to share advanced digital technology in the health sector, which can be used for integration, analysis and processing of patients data, with India. Since Aadhar number is linked to most of the health related treatments it is generating huge data related to treatment of patients and Israel can provide expertise on how to handle and process it, David Akov, consul general of Israel told PTI today on the sidelines of Read More
  • AI Medicine Comes to Africa’s Rural Clinics

    AI Medicine Comes to Africa’s Rural Clinics. Smartphone-based diagnostic tools with an artificial intelligence upgrade could save millions of lives As part of a cervical cancer prevention campaign in six African countries, the nonprofit Pink Ribbon Red Ribbon works with local health clinics on special screening and education events, such as this one in Botswana Read More
  • Free software tool aids doctors diagnosing rare genetic disorders

    Free software tool aids doctors diagnosing rare genetic disorders. A new online tool offers GPs help in diagnosing genetic illness. A tool that sorts the wheat from the chaff in genetic variation could bring relief to patients looking for answers, writes Dyani Lewis. Everyone is born with a few hundred genetic typos studded throughout their genome. Most of these are inconsequential. But for a person with an unexplained genetic disease, these glitches could hold the Read More
  • Healthcare IT as a top of the line job

    The most recent flagship government initiative, Digital India, through its e-health initiative, is set to address information asymmetry and below par access at remote areas through technology and portals. The Indian Healthcare industry is growing at a tremendous rate owing to the initiatives being adopted for strengthening coverage and services and increasing healthcare expenditure by public as well as private players in addition to the widespread adoption of technology. It is predicted that by 2020, Read More
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