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Srinivas Rao, CEO Apollo Medskills and K Ganapathy, President ATNF

Telehealth is an example of the deployment of Information and Communication Technology in providing remote healthcare. It is particularly useful in low resource settings, to bridge the urban rural health divide. Telehealth makes distance meaningless and Geography History. Worldwide there is an acute shortage of healthcare providers. In the last twodecades, in India, individuals with a passion and commitment have tried to introduce Telehealth in the Healthcare Delivery System. They were all self taught. Telehealth is now increasingly being deployed by more hospitals in the public and private sectors. Telemedicine infrastructure is becoming available in district and medical college level hospitals across the country. Most institutions having TeleHealth infrastructure are unable to recruit personnel  with the necessary blend of technical, healthcare and basic managerial skills. The time is now opportune for creating a formal cadre of TeleHealth Care Facilitators.

Apollo MedSkills and Apollo Telemedicine Networking Foundation will impart the TeleHealthAssistant (THA) course endorsed by the National Skills Development Council of the Govt of India. This will provide  entry level formally trained personnel with skills to deliver and manage these new eHealthcare delivery systems. The certified THA will understand the design, selection, procurement, installation, management,maintenance and evaluation of TeleHealth systems appropriate to present and future needs. The THA will be exposed to basic clinical skills and will be able to administer a telemedicine unit understanding the needs of the Tele consultant, Vendor and the Patient. The curriculum will include - Introducing Healthcare , Telehealth overviewand application, technology used for store and forward and live interactive teleconsultation, home TeleHealth protocols and procedures, assisting Teleconsultants  , understanding the attributes of successful TeleHealth programs and building awareness and support for such programs, communication skills and client services. Minimum Eligibility  criteria is completion of 12 std. 11 weeks of online classes and 1 week of contact program and hands on exposure will be followed by assessment after completion of all modules.

The poster will visually demonstrate the importance, necessity and unique nature of this first of its kind initiative.



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