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One of the most precious moment in a woman’s life is when she becomes mother. Caring for her baby is her top most priority. Can IoT revolution combined with cloud technologies and mobile apps provide her a sense of ‘always connected’ with her baby? Can we help her ensure her baby is growing well by automatically checking the baby’s nutrition and vital body parameters? Can we improve health care in remote villages where there are hardly any doctors but people use mobile phones?


We looked at the options of improving the child care in a holistic approach by using tailored IoT devices, cloud technologies and mobile apps. Surveys across countries revealed that custom made mobile apps efficiently bridge the gaps between health care providers (hospitals, doctors, midwives, village health clinics). But it is the use of intelligent IoT devices that can monitor the babies and powerful cloud services that provide much more value to the consumer.


Creating a ‘software platform’ that can handle diverse market needs, various country specific needs is not easy. But once built, it becomes a powerful base to drive innovative solutions to market much faster. This end-to-end solution brings down the cost dramatically as the consumer base increases in size.



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