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Skarzynski P.H.1,2,3, Ludwikowski M1., Pilka A.2, Barylyak R.1, Pierzynska I.2, Wolujewicz K.1, Skarzynski H.1,

  1. World Hearing Center, Institute of Physiology and Pathology of Hearing, Warsaw/ Kajetany, Poland
  2. Institute of Sensory Organs, Kajetany, Poland
  3. Heart Failure and Cardiac Rehabilitation Department of the Medical University of Warsaw

Hearing problems often may cause troubles with speech understanding, delay the speech development and can have negative impact on social development of the child. The prevalence of hearing loss in children increases with age and may involve different types of hearing problems that cannot be identified by neonatal hearing screening. Hearing screening programs enables early detection of different types of hearing disorders in chosen age group, early detection of hearing problems in the school-age children allows us to implement the effective medical and therapeutic procedures.

Aim: Comparison of the results of hearing screening in school age children in Europe, Central Asia and Africa.

Material and Methods: Hearing screening was performed in the group of 1796 school children (two age groups – first- 7-8 y.o., second 12-15 y.o.) in Moldova, Romania, Russia, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Senegal and Ivory Coast. Pure tone audiometry was performed on Sensory Examination Platform® with audiometric headphones. Positive result of the screening test was defined as any hearing impairment greater than 20 dB HL in any ear, at any frequency from 500 to 8000 Hz.

Results : Europe, 3 countries – positive results of hearing screening tests were in 62 children from 462 tested (13,4%). Central Asia, 4 countries – positive results were in 216 children from 1011 tested (21,4%). Africa, 2 countries – positive results were in 105 children from 321 tested (32,7%).

Conclusions: There are important / significant differences between regions in positive rates results. There are no significant differences between the age groups in hearing screening results.



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