CHiME RHIT 2017 Awards Criteria


The 8th International Conference on Revolutionizing(Transforming) Healthcare with IT 2017,

CHIME awards will celebrate a hundred organizations and their CEO’s,CIO’s and Awards that are using information technology in smart and relevant ways to not only deliver business value but also reinvent what the IT department represents to an organization.

To be a CHIME Award Honoree, applicants must not only show that they have executed their project well, but that they have done so in new, novel ways: Pioneering a new technology, applying a familiar technology to a new purpose, tackling an old business problem in an original way, setting the bar higher for competitors, or introducing game changers into the equation. And they must demonstrate business value, not just IT benefits.

Best innovation healthcare IT Product

The product must have demonstrably solved a user challenge or problem through an elegant, usable solution, and this user-centric problem-solution format must be clearly articulated in the pitch document.

  • Innovation, creativity, strategic solutions, trend-setting and forward thinking are highly valued
  • Best practices and processes are also a key consideration

Best Rising Star

Best Start-up Company that has an innovating product or solution for Healthcare.

  • Description of process, methodology and approaches, including sales and marketing methods, testing, research and any innovating inputs that were incorporated.
  • Purpose, Problem, Context, and Description of the start-up
  • Business, organizational, or audience/ user goals and challenges, and how these were addressed
  • Any metrics that show the extent of user/ customer adoption toward the Start-up, if applicable (note sources and dates)

Best Hospital IT Project

Projects should demonstrate involvement of members from various healthcare IT delivery and support disciplines. The team, not an individual, should be the focus of the project.

  • The impact of the project should be measurable and sustainable. 
  • The Measures may be leading or lagging, evidence-based or consensus-based indicators of success including those related to structure and process, with a bias toward those that demonstrate a change in outcomes
  • Any metrics that show the extent of user/ customer adoption toward the Start-up, if applicable (note sources and dates)

 Best Student Project

This award recognizes students that have displayed innovation and/or fostered creativity through their program/events, in relation to recruitment, marketing, outreach to campus community, use of resources, officer training, event planning, and/or sustainability.

To encourage students to engage themselves in industry oriented research

To promote joint projects among industry, research laboratories and Academic Institutions.

To induce industry to take up further development of the recognized projects. Which may ultimately become new and innovative industrial process or products and may give first- in the market advantage.


To be selected for a CHIME Award, the project/s that you submit must have:

  • Had significant business benefits
  • Positively impacted business process
  • Been innovative or created innovation
  • Demonstrated creativity and ‘Out-Of-The-Box’ thinking’


  • Apollo hospital and subsidised companies will not be considered
  • Any project rolled out for a client of the nominating organization will not be considered.
  • Discovery of falsification of data or fraudulent claims will constitute grounds for disqualification


  • Nominations must be by, or on behalf of, the Senior-most IT executive, collage students, start-up companies in the organization who are authorized to apply on behalf of the organization.
  • Please complete the application forms and send by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. no later than Sunday, 5th November 2017, to be considered.
  • Please ensure you receive an acknowledgement within 24 hours of your submission else call Shravan yadav on +91 88855 51003 to reconfirm receipt.
  • Ensure the Mandatory Information document is submitted in all cases.


The information you provide in your CHIME Award nomination will be used internally by the jury for purposes of judging the awards and may be used in online articles or other publicity relating to the CHIME awards.

If you would not like any parts of the information (eg. Revenue or IT Budget) to be published, please mention it in the text box, but do provide the same for purpose of objective evaluation.

Note: Apollo Hospitals & subsidiary units are not allowed to participate